Trekking and ascents to peaks difficulties

Dificultad Física 5
Physical difficulty adapted to the characteristics of each group.
Dificultad física adaptada a las características de cada grupo
Technical difficulty adapted to the characteristics of each group.


physical-difficulty-1Physical form is not required. 2-3 hours itineraries with maximum 400 meters of height difference.
technical-difficulty-1It is not necessary to have experience. We will walk comfortable terrain like trails or roads.


physical-difficulty-2It requires minimal physical condition that allows for itineraries about 4-5 hours and with maximum 700m of height difference.
technical-difficulty-2It´s not necessary to have experience in vias ferratas but it is recommended. Simple but flight itineraries with short vertical sections.


physical-difficulty-3It requires minimal physical form. 6-7 hours itineraries and with maximum 1000m of height difference.
technical-difficulty-3It requires a bit of experience. We will walk through mountain terrain uncomfortable for half the journey. The use of the hands may be needed to overcome short stretches. Not use technical security equipment.


physical-difficulty-4It requires a good physical condition. 8-10 hours itineraries and more than 1500m of height difference.
technical-difficulty-4It requires experience. We will walk through mountain terrain uncomfortable for more than half the distance. You need to use your hands and safety equipment (helmet, rope, etc.) to overcome some sections.