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In our calendar of activities you can see the upcoming technical courses

As active tourism company, in Adventure Potes we have professional guides members of the Spanish Association of Mountain Guides (SEA) graduates in high mountains, canyoning and skiing (+info). They are teachers with extensive experience in teaching who dedicate themselves to train people who want to acquire the basic knowledge to develop mountain activities or for people who want to prepare different official degrees (technical sports).

We provide the following courses:

BarranquismoCanyoning is a sport that has attracted many people looking for enjoy nature in a different way, into the deepest places of nature. Canyoning course develops learning safety and progression techniques with ropes and without them in canyons. The course is aimed at people who want to learn how to be independents in this environment, acquiring the knowledge necessary for proper material use and risk prevention. (+info)

CLIMBINGClimbing is one of the mountain sports with the highest growth in recent years, but the lack of knowledge often results in accidents. Climbing course develops learning about safety techniques and progression of rock climbing. The course is aimed at people who want to learn to be independent making simple climbing itineraries, with adequate technical and security knowledge for the different situations that can take place.  (+info)

AlpinísmoSince time immemorial, man’s concern has led him to cope with great mountains, reaching heights that were unthinkable. The course develops learning about sefaty and progression techniques in mountain. It is taught in three levels (basic, intermediate and advanced). It is ideal for people who want to learn to be independent in the winter mountain environment, acquiring knowledge of the material and its use and assurance techniques and rock climbing, ice and snow (+info)

tRAVESÍABackcountry skiing is a sport in which we interpret the mountain and enjoy self-improvement on the climbs to finally float with our skis on a completely fresh snow. The backcountry ski course develops learning about safety techniques, progression and decrease in winter mountain with cross country skis. It is ideal for people who want to learn to be independent in the sport, acquiring basic knowledge of materials and techniques. (+info)

NivologíaIn winter mountain sports always involves risks. Nivology courses, avalanches and risk prevention develops theoretical learning of basic concepts to understand the environment (the type of snow, avalanches, points to avoid ascents …) and practical learning techniques of safety and progression in winter mountain. It is ideal for people who want to have enough knowledge to move safely through the snowy mountainous terrain, reducing risks and improving their capacity for action. (+info)