Skiing difficulties

Dificultad Física 5
Physical difficulty adapted to the characteristics of each group.

Technical difficulty adapted to the characteristics of each group.


physical-difficulty-1Physical form is not required. 2-3 hours itineraries with maximum 400 meters of height difference.
technical-difficulty-1It is not necessary to have experience in backcountry skiing. You need to have a medium level of ski track, mastering the fundamental turn.


physical-difficulty-2It requires a physical form that allows you for itineraries about 4-5 hours and with 700m level.
technical-difficulty-2It´s necessary to have the minimum level of experience in backcountry skiing and average skiing or have completed Course Level 1 of backcountry skiing.


physical-difficulty-3It requires minimal physical form. 6-7 hours itineraries and with maximum 1000m of height difference.
technical-difficulty-3It´s necessary to have several experience in backcountry skiing and a good level in skiing or have completed Course Level 2 of backcountry skiing.


physical-difficulty-4It requires a good physical condition. 8-10 hours itineraries and more than 1500m of height difference.
technical-difficulty-4High level in backcountry skiing and skiing.  Knowledge and practice in the techniques of ascension and turns.