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The route “Pidal-Cainejo” was the itinerary chosen by the Marquess Pedro Pidal and Gregorio Pérez “El Cainejo” to carry out the c first ascent to the desire Picu Uriellu. This feat has set a milestone in the spanish mountaineering.

This is a historic route without too much difficulty (high grade Vº). Its 400 m in length, its north orientation, their difficult removal and atmosphere of some of its long, make this route an ascent of relative category. It is ideal for people with experience in less difficult routes wanting to start in longer and more complicated routes.

The most recommended way to make the ascent to the Picu Urriellu is in two days because the approach to the base of the wall takes just over four hours. The shelter Urriellu usually is the meeting point.


reloj5 Duration: 2 days

-4 hours of approach in 2 days and 3 horas return.

-4-5 h climbing and 1 h 30 mins descending.

euro Prize: 

-1 person: 280€

-2 people: 390€

* Shelter rates are not included.


Our guides and teachers are qualified members of the Spanish Association of Mountain Guides (AEGM), with degree of high mountain, canyoning and skiing. (+info)