Corredor Norte del Tesorero

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The Corredor Norte del Tesorero, situated in the far Hoyo Grande, is one of the most beautiful climbs to do in Fuente Dé surroundings. A difficult corredor (maximum difficulty of 85º) of about 200 m in length, perfect for those climbers with experience in easier corredores.

This is a nice climb to do with skis on the backpack and enjoy a beautiful descent.


reloj5 Duration: 2 days

Day 1: approach to Cabaña Verónica shelter.  About 2 h and 30 min walking.

Day 2:

-1 h and 45 min of approach walking to the corredor and 3 h of return.

-3 hours climbing.

euro Prize: 

-1 person: 250€

-2 people: 350€

* The cable car ticket or shelter rates are not included.

Our guides and teachers are qualified members of the Spanish Association of Mountain Guides (AEGM), with degree of high mountain, canyoning and skiing (+info)