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Course aimed at people who, regardless of age and fitness, want to learn this sport, or for those who have already started and want to learn basic techniques of safety and progression in canyons.

Canyoning is a sport that has attracted many people who want to enjoy nature in a different way, going into the deepest places that it provides us.


Equipment that we will use:

  • Wetsuit
  • Backpack
  • Aquashoes
  • Security harness
  • Helmet
  • Rope
  • Security equipment (carabiners, rescue eight, maillon, quickdraw…)


  • We will learn to correctly identify the equipment, understand how it works and use it appropriately in different conditions. 
  • Advance through the river safely knowing the basic techniques of progression and protocols to follow during descents. 

Location: Potes and Picos de Europa surroundings (Liébana Valley).

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reloj5 Duration: 2 days (consecutive or not, to be chosen by the participants)

euro Prizes:

  • 1 Person: 250€
  • 2 people: 150€/person
  • 3 people: 130€/person
  • 4 or more people: 110€/person 

-Knowledge of canyoning equipment (hard and soft).

-Knowledge of knots and rope techniques progression (rapelling “cordelette”, rescue eight block, dynamic…)

-Progression tecniques without rope in canyons.

-Protocols and risks of canyoning.


-Presentation of the activity and development of working groups. 

-Presentation of the different materials we use in canyoning (harness, helmet, rescue eight, carabiners, anchor, safety lanyards …) 

-Equipment resistence: activity associated with building confidence and trust in material.

-Explanation and demonstration on the use of soft and hard equipment that we will use. 

-Explanation and demonstration of progression techniques without ropes in canyon (jumps, slides, climbs…).

-Explanation and demonstration of progression techniques with ropes in canyon (rapelling, rapelling “cordelette”, carabiner, rescue eight block, knots…). 

-Warm up.

-Level 1 canyon descent using the acquired theoretical knowledge, aided by the teacher. 

-End summary of the day and collecting impressions.


-Reminder to the use of canyons descent equipment. 

-Reminder  abseil techniques with or without ropes in canyons.

-Explanation and demonstration on anchor assembly, assurances and raumer climbing.

-Warm up.

-Level 2 canyon descent using the theoretical knowledge acquired the day before and anchor assembly, assurances and raumer climbing knowledge. Always aided by the teacher.,

-Talk about the care of equipment and areas suitable for this sport. 

-End evaluation of the day, collecting impressions and course clousure.

Our guides and teachers are qualified members of the Spanish Association of Mountain Guides (AEGM), with degree of high mountain, canyoning and skiing (+info)

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