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The beaches of Cantabria and Asturias are very special because of its beauty and the green mountains and grasslands that surround them. We find great cliffs, waves and sands, pure nature, the Cantabrian Sea cry, that makes up places with a special charm in which we can relax and have a nice day. Some beautiful beaches close to Potes are San Vicente de la Barquera beach, Amio beach, in Pechón or La Franca beach, all these places are about 30-45 minutes by car.  

Pechón Beach:

There are several beaches in this town which is about 50 minutes from Potes. The thing the most outstanding is the air we breathe, full of privacy.  One of these beaches looks like a tiny cove where you can enjoy the enraged tranquility of the Cantabrian Sea. It is worth visiting it even in winter, because the landscape is breathtaking. It´s incredible that such a small place has so beautiful places. 

San Vicente de la Barquera beach:

San Vicente de la Barquera is 53 kms from Potes, about 45 minutes by car. It´s a beach of almost 3 kms, with little buildings and fine sand. It´s also worth visiting the town, the Gothic church of Santa Maria, the ancient pilgrims hospital, the walls… and take some “pescaditos” in the harbour. 

La Franca beach:

La Franca beach is the closest to Potes, 43 kms away and will take us about 40 minutes to arrive. Turn left in Unquera, towards Oviedo, and in a few kms there is the indication. 

Llanes beach:

If we continue in the Oviedo road, we will arrive to Llanes, a town with a spectacular beach, Ballota beach. It is located 62 kms from Potes. It is a virgin place without buildings. In San Roque Acebal we have to take the road towards the town of Andrin, that road leads us to the beach.

Comillas beach:

A fourth beach is Comillas beach, which is located 62 kms from Potes, one hour by car. The beach is not very big but it´s in the same town. It´s worth visiting Comillas, a beautiful scenery that has been used in films like “Primos”.