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The Picos de Europa and the Cordillera Cantábrica are covered by fresh snow for most of the year. This is perfect for people who want to enjoy skiiing in a more intimate and daring way, enjoying the tranquility of the mountain and surpassing themselves. It is a perfect area to backcountry skiing practise, there are large slopes and passes that are able to keep the snow all year round. We will contemplate great seas of clouds or we will ski with the Cantabrian Sea background... An unforgettable experience! 

We also offer backcountry skiing courses in order that you can start in this activity (+info)

Equipment that we will use:

  • ARVA
  • Shovel
  • Probe
  • Backcountry skiing equipment * We don´t provide it but you can hide it in Potes (40€/day)

Blackcountry skiing practises:

In these practises, we will ascent to some of the most enigmatic peaks of the Picos de Europa or of the Cordillera Cantábrica, searching the best snow to enjoy a good descent. They are suitable for people with a minimal skiing level who want to start in this sport or for iniciate people who want to know new itineraries.

*For more information, place the mouse course over the icon (+info difficulties) 
reloj5 Duration: 5-8 hours

euro Prices: 

  • 2 people: 80€/person
  • 3-4 people: 60€/person
  • 5-6 people: 50€/person
  • 7 or more people: Consult

It consists on two-day practises in which we will go through different areas of the Picos de Europa and the Cordillera Cantábrica, innacesible in a single day, we will sleep in a shelter. We will ascent to some of the most famous peaks, searching the best fresh snow to flow over it with our skis. It is suitable for people with a minimal experience in backcountry skiing who want to discover new corners and to live the adventure of “get lost” in the peak´s snow. 

* For more information, place the mouse course over the icon (+info difficulties) 
reloj5 Duration: 2 days

euro Prices:

  • 2 people: 150€/person
  • 3-4 people: 120€/person
  • 5 or more people: Consult 
*  Renting equipment crossing, shelter costs and the cable car ticket are not included in the price.

Our guides and teachers are qualified members of the Spanish Association of Mountain Guides (AEGM), with degree of high mountain, canyoning and skiing (+info)