About us

Potes Aventura is active tourism company with over 20 years of experience, dedicated to organize and carry out adventure activities and to management stays with individuals and groups in Picos the Europa. 

It is an active tourism company pioneering in the area, founded in 2000, under the name of “Vertigo” by Gonzalo Zamora, a renowned mountaineer who combined his hobby with his work as mountain guide since 1985. Over the years, his son, Fernando Zamora, having completed his training, has replaced his father in the direction of Vertigo, which is now called Potes Aventura. 

Fernando Zamora

Fernando Zamora is a renowned professor at the School IES Pobla de Segur, mountain and canyoning guide (fernandozamoraguiadepicos.com), degree in Environmental Sciences, member nº 546  of the Spanish Mountain Guides Association (AEGM). He is a guide specialized in winter ascents and classic climbs, as well as in teaching progression techniques and safety and in risk activities, developed in the different courses given in Potes Adventure and training courses in sports technicians in I.E.S Pobla de Segur.

Joaquín Zamora

Following the family tradition, as a second guide is Joaquin Zamora, a renowned ski coach of the Spanish School of Sierra Nevada, Sports Technician level 2 in skiing and canyoning guide, degree in Sociology. He is a guide specialized in progressions with groups in canyons and in the coaching and perfecting backcountry ski technique.

All the staff of Potes Adventure are qualified guides in different modalities (+info), members of the Spanish Association of Mountain Guides (AEGM), many of them trained in the IES Pobla de Segur, a prestigious school nationwide.